Unhealthy CM and CD containers in your docker setup

Hello developers! Have you checked out the new series – Foundation from Apple. If you are a SciFi fan(like me) and have read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. Then this is a must-see show 🙂

Today’s post will be a short one, it’s about a weird docker issue that popped out of nowhere…

My Windows OS is 21H1, the docker setup is using the 2004 images and most of the containers are running in process, except for Solr and Traefik. And it has worked just fine for a while now

But from nowhere all my Sitecore instances became unhealthy in my Docker setup – CM, CD, REP, and PRC(Scaled XP setup). Once in a while, I do a full clean-up, removing all images (and data), and then build from scratch. And after that, this annoying issue happened.

The containers(CM, CD, REP, and PRC) were running but only for a couple of seconds, and then the IIS kept restarting(on each container). All the other containers were healthy (we have a scaled XP setup with Sitecore Commerce), so this was indeed very strange.

I tried everything (and “curling” the containers gave nothing), I even re-installed windows, and still had the same issue. This was very frustrating.

Then it came to me, I remembered Mark Cassidy’s advice, In Sitecore Slack, to always run your containers in hyperv and guess what. When changing the isolation to “default” on the Sitecore instances containers – CM, CD, REP, and PRC. It all worked, no more unhealthy containers and no more IIS restarts.

Hopefully, this post will help someone out there.

That’s all for now folks 😊

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