Sharing data? That would be cool


I would like to give all Sitecore MVPs out there a big hand. Thanks for all the great posts about the new cool stuff from Sitecore. I feel like Emmet in the Lego Movie singing “Everything Is Awesome”.

I recently watched a great video from Milwaukee Sitecore Developer Meetup,
where Nick Wesselman did a great presentaion of Sitecore 7.5 and the Experience Database.

There was one thing that really caught my eye, the idea of sharing session between devices. That means if you are browsing a website from your computer, you can continue browsing from your mobile phone and the session will not be lost.
This is über cool! Sitecore will also be offering services where you can store the experience data(visitor data) in the cloud.

When watching this it suddenly struck me, why not go a step further. In order to give the best experience for the visitor you should know the user.

What if websites could share data?

Sitecore could have a service in the Cloud – Experience Broker Hub 🙂
Where all websites using Sitecore could store/sell and retrieve/buy user data.
Now the websites can give the visitors the best experience and make some money on the user data.

I know it’s crazy but it would be cool.

That’s all for now folks 🙂

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